Saint Hilda's House

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  The evening of the Easter Vigil (click for more images of worship at Christ Church)

 The evening of the Easter Vigil (click for more images of worship at Christ Church)

Friday Mass at the Lady Chapel 

Friday Mass at the Lady Chapel 

Worship at Christ Church is completely and totally oriented toward God.  The center of our life together is an active, intentional, and deep worship of God in the regular patterns of the Daily Office and Communion.  Here is what worship at Christ Church looks like through the week.


Compline is one of Christ Church's most powerful service.  It is held on Sunday evening.  The church is lit only by candles and the liturgy is entirely sung by a hidden choir.  All are welcome to sit and find twenty minutes of peace so that they can commune with God in the darkness.  It's a perfect way to end one week and begin another.

Solemn High Mass

Solemn High Mass combines High Anglican Liturgy with soaring music provided by a professional choir to create a beautiful space for worship and prayer.  Equal emphasis is placed on Scripture, preaching, and the Eucharist throughout, so that each can help us centre ourselves around God.  

Weekday Liturgies

compline mass.jpg

Hildans worship together throughout the week as well.  We begin each day with prayer and we end each week with Mass on Friday.  Engaging in this rhythm of prayer and worship helps to forge strong bonds of community, and over the course of the year it comes to set the context within which we go out to serve in the city.  It also reminds us week in and week out that however difficult things might get, we can always find inspiration, rest, or support in prayer.