Saint Hilda's House

through the gates and into the city


Hildans describe how living in community has changed them.

The purpose of Saint Hilda’s House is to allow young adults to turn their Christian faith into action, both by living in community and serving the vulnerable. The Hildans live in Christ Church, situated right in the heart of the city, and serve in a diverse range of placements to meet many of the specific needs found in New Haven.


New Haven carries all the challenges and the benefits that come with that. Hildans serve anywhere between 28-32 hours per week, hours that are as rewarding as they are demanding.  Each placement is different, and as a Hildan every effort will be made to ensure that you find yourself in the place which best allows you to live out Christ’s call of love and service.

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At the heart of the philosophy behind St Hilda’s House is the belief that individuals best flourish as part of a community.  Hildans therefore live together in intentional community, with a stated commitment to be mindful, loving, and supportive towards each other.  Though the nature of each individual community is determined by its members, an evolving structure is also in place to give Hildans the space to best decide how living in community will look for them.

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As well as a serving community, St Hilda’s House is also a worshipping community, both being thought essential to a Christian life.  Worship takes many forms, many of which must be developed by individuals and communities in the context of their own lives, and Hildans are encouraged to give real thought to how they can best practice worship.  As well as this, Hildans commit to take an active role in the worship and prayer life of Christ Church. 

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St Hilda’s is not a stop off point where you can spend a year waiting for the pattern of your life to reveal itself.  Throughout the year Hildans are challenged to begin to discern their call through discussion, action, and reflection, so that they can grow into it as the year goes on and end with a clearer sense of where God wishes them to wander next. 

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"St. Hilda's House is a program that encourages interns to put their faith into action; it encourages both intellectual study and service to the community." - Caleb Bennetch ('11)