Saint Hilda's House

through the gates and into the city

raina workman

I came to the Episcopal Service Corps. last year directionless and adrift - by the end of my college career I had no clue about what I wanted to do, or really, who I wanted to be. In a totally happy accident, I stumbled upon a listing for the Episcopal Service Corps. near the end of my senior year in college. What seemed at the outset like a simple job opportunity became a wildly transformative experience. As I was falling in love with the graciousness and acceptance I had found in the Episcopal Church, I decided that I wanted to take the experience further, to learn more about intentional community living, and to continue my walk seeking justice in God’s kingdom. The uniqueness of St. Hilda’s House and its commitment to spiritual formation drew me in immediately; to have the kind of support that the Hildans have to grow and explore, theologically and intellectually, is invaluable. I am filled with hope about this upcoming year, and with gratitude to those at Christ Church who have made it possible. 

After growing up in Northeastern Ohio, Raina studied medieval history at Marlboro College, where she developed a love of nuns and quirky saints. During college Raina regularly participated in school governance activities, and was an active member in Marlboro’s Women’s Resource Center, along with being a member at Queer Resource Center, which she helped organize in 2015. Raina was a 2015-2016 intern with City of Soul, an Episcopal Service Corps. chapter based out of Memphis, TN. As the Interfaith & Community Outreach intern at the Metropolitan Interfaith Association (MIFA), Raina was able to pursue her passions related to food justice, community activism, and spiritual outreach. This past May Raina was confirmed in the Episcopal Church at St. Mary’s Cathedral, located on the edge of downtown Memphis.


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