Saint Hilda's House

through the gates and into the city


morgan flanaganfolcarelli

After graduation, I wanted to gain firsthand experience doing direct-service work in a nonprofit before making a decision about graduate school. This desire, combined with my belief in the value of giving back to communities about which one cares, brought me to Saint Hilda's House. The opportunity to do this work and discernment in the supportive and challenging environment of an intentional spiritual community has been a greater gift than I can articulate. I am looking forward to the months my housemates and I have ahead to continue the labors of love we've started!


Morgan Flanagan-Folcarelli is a recent graduate of Mount Holyoke College, where she studied English and philosophy.  A former resident of California, Vermont, and Pennsylvania, Morgan is a happy--if relatively recent--transplant to New Haven, CT.  She has long been interested in nonprofit work and community advocacy, and as the Neighborhood Services Advocate at Christian Community Action, she is currently putting that interest to work serving residents of New Haven's Hill neighborhood.

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