Saint Hilda's House

through the gates and into the city

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Dayna Horsey

I was thrilled to hear about Saint Hilda's House and felt that it would be the perfect breathe of fresh air after college.  I knew that I wanted to do service work, and was interested in it being faith-based service.  I also wanted to have some time set apart to learn about myself as a non-student. I needed time to focus on my faith in a supportive community of people from different walks of life. I was also curious about the Episcopal religious tradition since I was raised in  A.M.E. and Baptist churches. I already feel right at home in New Haven. I have loved my time here so far and am blessed to spend everyday with my newfound family!

Dayna Horsey is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania (but is not Amish). She graduated from Swarthmore College, majoring in Sociology and Anthropology and minoring in Gender and Sexuality Studies and Psychology. She has a deep passion for musical theater, traveling, food, art history, cats, and pandas! She's always on the hunt for a good TV show, or a compelling novel to read. She is delighted to work as the Neighborhood Services Advocate at Christian Community Action this year.