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How Can A Christian Feminist Conceive of Obedience? A Look at Radical, Rebellious Obedience

Recently on the blog, Dean McGowan of Berkeley Divinity School and my own housemates Ed and Shancia have written about worship and obedience. As I've processed the conversation that has taken place online and in-person here at Saint Hilda's House, I've had to wrestle with my own negative reaction to the word “obedience.” 

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Shattering Perfection: Reading The Christian Cheerleader Trope

A significant bonding activity for the Hildans this year has been watching TV together. Though most of the time this is just fun and doesn't prompt deep reflection, sometimes I notice that popular television programs seem to be commenting on religious ideas. Some of us have been watching Game of Thrones, for instance, which shows different religious ideas influencing the politics of a fantasy world.  Apart from fantasy, however, the way religious characters are portrayed in more realistic programming can prompt some interesting questions about the way faith is viewed in our own world. 

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The Friends of Saint Hilda: A Community of Evangelical Peace

Back in January, I sat down with the Saint Hilda’s House residents and asked them how they wanted to spend the next six months together. I expected a list of activities: hosting dinners, going camping, visiting New York City, etc.…. Instead, they said they wanted to keep developing new ways to serve together as a community. Of course, they are each already serving in their non-profit worksites and doing wonderful things, but there is something more they want to share together. The experience they desire is one of serving as part of something bigger.  To use the words of St. Hilda herself, they want to serve as part of a community bound together by a commitment to evangelical peace. 

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Why I'm Joining the Episcopal Church

During the summer of 2013, I was looking for a church to attend while staying at my college to work. One weekend in May, I walked into a tiny Episcopal church, All Saints', filled with people much older than myself. I was immediately and warmly welcomed—a stark contrast to the church I had visited the week prior, where I had entered and exited the service unnoticed. After only one visit, the priest reached out to me and offered to take me to dinner to talk more. I began attending the church regularly.

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