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My Experience of Being Confirmed an Episcopalian

Approximately two weeks ago, people started asking me this question, “How does it feel to become an Episcopalian?” At times, I respond with frank statements such as: “It is wonderful to be a Christian who converts to Christianity” or “I’m glad you noticed a change in me.” I love responding like this to my fellow Christian brethren who are non-Episcopalians. Sometimes their pupils dilate and their noses flare as they start giving me the stare of doom (I laugh it off).  Shocked by my responses, my close friends passionately defend their denominations. As a means of calming any tensions, I redirect the conversation to something funny and request their forgiveness, saying I was being facetious. The reality is more complicated: it is impossible for me to find the right words to describe my experience of becoming an Episcopalian (especially during Holy Week).

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Why I'm *Still* an Episcopalian

Growing up the son of a priest, the Episcopal Church was a big part of my life whether I liked it or not.  For the majority of my childhood, I simply saw church as something that I had to do on Sundays because it was where my dad worked (I used to think he only worked on Sundays!).  It wasn’t until my teens that I came to realize that everything was connected.   The words of the liturgy, the hymns, the scripture, the numerous sermons I heard my father preach, my summers spent at Camp Henry, serving on the youth council, having the opportunity to participate in many service learning trips, my four years of campus ministry, and my current experiences at Saint Hilda’s House; it all began to connect.

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Why I'm Joining the Episcopal Church

During the summer of 2013, I was looking for a church to attend while staying at my college to work. One weekend in May, I walked into a tiny Episcopal church, All Saints', filled with people much older than myself. I was immediately and warmly welcomed—a stark contrast to the church I had visited the week prior, where I had entered and exited the service unnoticed. After only one visit, the priest reached out to me and offered to take me to dinner to talk more. I began attending the church regularly.

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