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Two Years of Saint Hilda's House- The Gifts and Lessons of Loving Community

After two years at Saint Hilda’s House I am starting to do things for the last time. This past Sunday was the last Compline of the year, and no matter how many times I come back to New Haven in the future, this was my last Compline as a Hildan.  I was able to do something I had not so secretly wanted to do for a long time; I lay down in the choir and became completely enshrouded in the darkness, smells and sounds of the service.  In the coming weeks, I’ll do several more ventures for the last time, saying goodbye to friends, moving out of the rectory, and attending a service at Christ Church for the last time as a Hildan. 

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Three Years in Intentional Community- How Has St. Hilda's Changed Me?

I've spent more time at St. Hilda's now than I spent at Oxford as an undergraduate- and if you total up the actual days spent on location, maybe more time than I spent at Oxford over the whole four years.  This amount of time will provoke change, no matter what.  I hope talking about that change might be helpful for the reader, whether you're interested in living in community yourself, generally interested in different forms of religious life, or just interested in what's happened to me over the past few years.

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It's All About Obedience: How What We Are Depends on What We Worship

 I'm going to explore how Dean McGowan's theme of worship as obedience can be understood through a particular philosophical lens.  Specifically, I'm going to look at how we can understand the practise of worship in terms of obedience as determining our essential natures, once we have slightly complicated our understanding of obedience.  My belief is that such an understanding can help us to bring certain aspects of Calvinist and catholic (small-c) theology together, uniting Dean McGowan's sense of the 'giving and receiving of orders' with his sense of 'notions of dependence and love'.

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