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The Friends of Saint Hilda: A Community of Evangelical Peace

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Back in January, I sat down with the Saint Hilda’s House residents and asked them how they wanted to spend the next six months together. I expected a list of activities: hosting dinners, going camping, visiting New York City, etc.…. Instead, they said they wanted to keep developing new ways to serve together as a community. Of course, they are each already serving in their non-profit worksites and doing wonderful things, but there is something more they want to share together. The experience they desire is one of serving as part of something bigger.  To use the words of St. Hilda herself, they want to serve as part of a community bound together by a commitment to evangelical peace. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately. When we talk about our work in the community, we talk about it in the context of our prayer life together. At Morning Prayer we pray, “Guide us in the way of justice and truth.” Over and over again, we have prayed this prayer, and it is changing us. That’s the truly remarkable thing about Jesus: when you make room, God will fill it. 

That’s the thing about prayer, and especially about sacramental communities: we don’t go out as the people we were when we came in. A year at Saint Hilda’s changes each and every person who comes through. Our hope is that we each become more like Christ, learning to more deeply and fully love and serve. When the Hildans told me they wanted to keep serving as a house, I couldn’t help but see how they were becoming more and more like Jesus.  I couldn't help but see how they were commited to try and live out the evangelical peace of God.


The current residents of Saint Hilda's House, after serving together at Loaves and Fishes. L-R: Shancia, John, Will, Ed, Megan, Kalekye.

The current residents of Saint Hilda's House, after serving together at Loaves and Fishes. L-R: Shancia, John, Will, Ed, Megan, Kalekye.

At the end of this term, forty-five young adults will have come through Saint Hilda’s House. That is forty-five young adults who have prayed together, served together, and lived life together. But the reach of our community is far more than forty-five. While the Saint Hilda’s residential community is limited in terms of sheer space, all of you who support our work, read our blog and our Quarterlies, and pray for us are a part of the larger community we are building in Christ.  Serving as members of this community is just as important to the Hildans as serving with each other. And so today we are launching a new way for our larger community to invest in the life and work of the residents in New Haven: The Friends of Saint Hilda.  

The Friends of Saint Hilda are members of our extended community who support our work financially and spiritually.  This isn’t work we can do alone: we need your help to sustain us.  Serving as part of a nation-wide community, bound together by a commitment to Christian service, brings even greater spiritual depth to the work of the community in New Haven.  And without your financial support, our work would be impossible. We hope you’ll take a moment right now and become a Friend of Saint Hilda. A gift as small as $10 a month will go a long way in our life and work.  Click here to find out more and become a member of our community today.

By Seth Reese.