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Amy Endres

I came to Saint Hilda's House because the rhythm of life necessary to thrive here is so counter-cultural. In New York, I found it so difficult to stop and think and reflect, even for a moment. Here, carving out time for quiet and patient conversation with God is the first thing we do as a community. Grounding a life of service, with all its messiness and difficulties, in prayer and faithful togetherness makes it all-the-more meaningful for me and all-the-more loving towards those I meet along the way. There are very few places left that prioritize slow and intentional encounters with God, and even fewer that can balance this priority with service and work.

Amy Endres is from New Jersey and is a recent graduate of Fordham University, where she studied theology and biology. Raised in evangelical communities, attending a Catholic university, and now confirmed as an Episcopalian, ecumenism continues to be a substantial part of her faith. After two years spent supporting and advocating for global interfaith work at the United Nations, she is excited to serve and discern with the Episcopal Service Corps at St. Hilda's House. 


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