Saint Hilda's House

through the gates and into the city

Ali larson

I came to Saint Hilda’s House by God’s will. I am here to develop my faith and knowledge of Christianity. I am excited about continuing my Journey as a Christian. I am also enthusiastic about seeing a glimpse of what other people’s relationship with God looks like.

Ali Larson is a Christian and a city girl from New England. She is a visual artist, a cinema enthusiast, foodie, and practices yoga. She is a visual person, but can hardly do anything without listening to music. She has worked in the retail industry, hospitality industry, and in early childhood education. It is in her nature to help others and she believes the Lord wants her to. She feels blessed that God met her where she was and invited her to follow Him as a child of God. Her education background is in Organizational Communication and Anthropology. And of course, the Friends character she relates to the most is Ross.

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